Philippines 导入数据

Officially the Republic of the Philippines, the Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia 和 situated in the western Pacific Ocean. Philippines import data shows Philippines imported goods worth USD 90.7 billion in 2020, down from 2019’s USD 112.90亿年.

Philippines trade data reports Philippines was 34th largest importer country in the world during 2020. Given the Philippine population of 108.9 million people, value of total imports in 2020 translated to roughly USD 1,050 in yearly product dem和 from every person in the Southeast Asian nation.

According to Philippines import statistics, Philippines major import commodities are electronics, 机械, 矿物燃料 & oils, vehicles 和 iron & 钢. Philippines import data also shows China, 日本, 单位ed States 和 韩国 are the largest import partners of Philippines.


Philippines 导入数据

Philippines 导入数据 is a type of Customs Data, covering all business activities of the country. Philippines trade data contains company names 和 other details of market aspects. For quick 和 clean delivery of Philippines import statistics, we collect Philippines import data from the most authorized sources including Custom & 港口 Agencies, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Government Bodies 和 Trade Associations.

Every details available in Philippines import data is based on shipping bills, 进口账单, invoices 和 other import-export documents. Besides latest data, we also provide historical data of Philippines imports that are helpful in making a good comparison on past 和 present market scenario of Philippines. We have Philippines import data available from 2008 onwards. Philippines import data covers 7000000+ shipment records19000+ importers.


Philippines 导入数据

Philippines import data covers information on Filipino business activities with Asian nations 和 other global countries. It covers a wide range of fields 包括日期, Filipino 进口商名称, Foreign 供应商名称, 起源的国家, 海关编码, OG体育在线 Description, 重量, 数量, 价值, 港口, 传输模式 等等. Checkout given sample 和 view all columns covered in Philippines import data.

日期 01-03-2020 供应商名称 *****
进口商名称 ***** Importer Address *****
出口的国家 韩国 起源的国家 韩国
清单数量 KMT0004-20 港口 of Unloading 马尼拉港口
海关编码 27111300000 OG体育在线 Description Butane Gas Cartridge 250g Bounce
毛重 23745.6 净重 21334.8
数量 16296 单位 公斤
美元价值 16387.75 PHP价值 834742.82
Mode of Transport    

Philippines Imports

Philippines’ 十大进口

According to Philippines trade data, Philippines’ top 10 imports in 2020 were Electrical Machinery & 设备(28.5%), Machinery (10.1%), Mineral Fuels & 油(8.8%), Vehicles (5.6%),铁 & 钢(3.6%), Plastics (3.4%), Cereals (2.9%), Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (2.1%), Articles of Iron & 钢(1.9%) 和 Pharma OG体育在线 (1.8%).

Philippines customs data reports Philippines’ top 10 import products accounted for 62.4% to overall value of shipments recorded in 2020. Based on Philippines shipment data, Imported optical, technical 和 medical apparatus posted the fastest-growing increase in value among the top 10 import categories, up 17.5% from 2019 to 2020. Philippines trade statistics also show leading decliners year over year was iron 和 钢.


Philippines Import Partners

Philippines’ Top 10 Import Partners

Philippines import data reveals list of Philippines’ top 10 import partners as follows – China (USD 20.90亿年), 日本 (USD 8.7 billion), 单位ed States (7.10亿), 韩国 (USD 7.0 billion), Indonesia (USD 5.8 billion), Singapore (USD 5.6 billion), Thail和 (USD 4.90亿年), Taipei, Chinese (USD 4.8 billion), Malaysia (USD 4.0 billion) 和 Vietnam (USD 3.10亿).

According to Philippines trade data, Philippines top 10 import sources accounted for 79.6% to overall value of shipments recorded in 2020. Continent-wise, two-thirds (63.8%) of the Philippines’ total imports by value in 2020 were imported from fellow Asian countries. Based on Philippines shipment data, European countries supplied 7.1% of imports to the Philippines while 6.9% worth of goods originated from North America. Smaller percentages were recorded from Oceania (1.3%) led by Australia 和 New Zeal和, Latin America (1%) excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean, 那么非洲(0.2%).

Top 10 Import Partners

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